American Horse Council
Time To Ride Program

Time To Ride was created by the American Horse Council’s Marketing Alliance to sustain and grow the equine industry by creating the next generation of knowledgeable, dedicated horse enthusiasts and owners while also teaching children valuable life lessons. We accomplish this by introducing school-age children to horseback riding and horse care in a safe, professional, welcoming environment.

By connecting moms and kids with local barns, riding centers, clubs, and nonprofit organizations, we’re not only helping kids enjoy riding and horse care while learning life skills, we’re also helping Time To Ride-affiliated lesson programs grow and better serve their communities.

If your child wants to try horseback riding but you don’t know where to start, Time To Ride is here to help. Chances are there’s a Time To Ride lesson barn closer than you think!

Time To Ride® is a collaboration between the following leading companies and organizations:

With additional support from:

Educational support from: