Equine Businesses Welcomed to Register for the 2017 Time to Ride Challenge

Georgetown, TX, March 10, 2017 – Time to Ride invites stables, clubs and all horse businesses nationwide to register now for the 2017 Time to Ride Challenge, a grassroots competition offering $100,000 in cash and prizes! In its fourth year of competition, the Challenge is the only industry-wide effort specifically designed to encourage entry-level participation in riding and other horse activities. Participating horse professionals will work to create engaging outreach events in Phase I, May 1st through August 31st, that connect with the general public and introduce families to the joy of horses. Then in Phase II, which occurs simultaneously and continues through September 30th, they will help these new horse enthusiasts get involved regularly through riding lessons or other ongoing horse experiences. The stables, clubs and businesses which introduce and convert the greatest number of newcomers will win their share of $100,000 cash and prizes across size-based divisions.

Challenge Association Program is Back and Better Than Ever

March 22, 2017, Georgetown, Texas – For another year, more horse industry breed and discipline organizations have joined forces with the 2017 Time to Ride Challenge to introduce new horse enthusiasts to riding. The Challenge will award $100,000 cash and prizes to the stables, clubs, and businesses who can generate the most “newcomer” interactions with horses and then bring them back for a follow up experience. Breed and discipline organizations have partnered with Time to Ride to reward their members for participating in the Challenge.

Time to Ride, Haflingers and Rocky Mountain Horses attend Equine Affaire!

Georgetown, TX, March 30, 2017- On April 6th Equine Affaire will open its doors again for another year of world-class education and entertainment. Time to Ride, a nation-wide initiative to grow the equine industry through connecting people to horses within their communities, will be in attendance to offer rides and information on how to engage with horses in the area. In partnership with Time to Ride, the Ohio Haflinger Association and the Rocky Mountain Horse Association will be providing lessons and other activities in the Cooper Arena.